ka31My Chocolate Chilli Cupcakes blog is about food and wine in all its guises, from recipes to agricultural debates to food and wine as a metaphor in my creative writing. This blog is where I experiment with foodie ideas and writing styles. 

I have a long history of working with food and wine. I am a former chef, a wine taster and a foodie traveller.  Now I  write for several magazines, work with major marketing companies and deliver talks to wine clubs and societies. To find out more visit my website www.katrinaalloway.co.uk 


Or have a browse about on Chocolate Chilli Cupcakes, I believe this blog reflects my on-going passion for my subject. I hope you will find something that whets your appetite.

2 Responses to “Katrina Alloway”

  1. sharon Joseph Says:

    Loving your website Katrina. Are you on Twitter? You’re also not checking into your Facebook page.

    Loving what you’re up to now.


    Your friend


    1. katrinaalloway Says:

      Sharon, my long lost friend!!!
      How lovely to hear from you.
      Have sent you an e-mail.

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